Close your eyes and picture yourself in a lush alpine meadow, the breeze gently blowing. You may hear an eagle scream or a fish jump. You can smell fresh pine. In our pristine wilderness area you can listen to the babbling brooks instead of your co-workers. Open you eyes and you can see for miles or be ringed in by cliffs and trees. Gentle, trailwise horses take you through some of the most beautiful mountain country in the world. At night, you’ll see more starts than you ever imagined. Make your dreams come true – design your wilderness horseback trip to include your favorite pastimes. Try some fishing in a remote lake. Ride through a field of wild flowers. Make lots of wishes on falling stars. Eat breakfast watching a wild animal meander through a clearing. Take pictures of our treasures – flowers, trees, and wildlife.

3 Hour Ride – When you only have time for a short get-away. There’s not much you can think about when you’re riding a horse. You’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sights of the Papoose basin as we follow the creek up-mountain through lodgepole pines and the biggest aspens on earth. At the mid-ride break in the Flat Tops, you can see for miles across the upper White River Valley. You’ll want to keep your camera at the ready to capture wildflowers and wildlife. $75.00 person

Full Day Ride – A scenic trip through forests and meadows over the Flat Tops. Whether you’re into perfect wildflowers, the forest primeval or sweeping panoramic views, your camera will be busy on this ride through the Flat Tops. Through forests of scrub oak, pine, spruce and aspen, we ride to our lunch stop at a beautiful mountain lake. There’s time to throw a line into the lake (Colorado license required) before heading up to the Flat Tops where panoramic views abound. You might glimpse deer and elk along the way. $150.00 person

Backcountry Camps – Choose your wilderness adventure. Come enjoy the beauty and serenity of the White River National Forest from the back of a horse and the convenience of a fully equipped base camp. Let us take you in and do all the work or you can rent the camp and do the work yourself. Choose from three camps offering different perspectives of the forest, from the popular lakeside to lush isolation. Call for prices.

Pack Trips – For an indescribable wilderness experience. – Anticipation of a special experience starts at the trailhead where you’ll meet your horse, who knows the trail and is eager to give you a nice ride. As the day slowly unfolds and you become embraced by blue spruce, quaking aspen and the sound of running streams, something subtle begins to happen– the magic of the mountains and the Colorado Wilderness. Some may tell of a sunset ‘that washed the distant snow capped peaks in a soft cloud of orange-pink,’ but most will simply say ‘you have to see it to believe it.’ Call for prices.

Fishing Trips – Experience the very best cold-water fishing in fresh water streams or a backcountry lake. The White River Valley has 111 miles of streams and 757 acres of natural lakes. Take your pick of Cutthroats, Brook, Brown, or Rainbow trout. Colorado fishing license required. Call for prices.